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Below is a summary of speakers and the topics they will be addressing during the summit. For dates and times, download the summit agenda in PDF format.

Wendy Wintersteen, Iowa State University
How Being Green Can Positively Affect Your Company's Bottom Line

Dennis Treacy, Smithfield Foods
An Industry Sustainability Case

Arthur Halterman
On Farm Sustainability: A Producer's Case Study

Randy Stuewe, Darling International
Recycling Through Rendering

Mike Klun, Cargill
Energy Conservation

Warren Howe, Woodruff & Howe environmental Engineering
Solid Waste Management and Minimization

Brian Kiepper, University of Georgia
Water Conservation and Re-Use

Michael Brom, PCS Administration (USA), Inc.
Environmental Management Systems

Dr. Jon Johnson, University of Arkansas
Bob Langert, McDonald's Corporation
Kevin Igli, Tyson Foods
The Importance of Environmental Sustainability Efforts


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